Welcome to our page “Promoting Elastic Actuators for Robotics”. Here, we report about our research activities and events.

Elastic Actuators have numerous potential advantages such as increased safety in human-robot interaction, improved energy efficiency, and performance augmentation in dynamic tasks. Even though elastic actuators have been around for over two decades now, interest in them has not faded, quite on the contrary. Since a few years, elastic actuators are being applied in cutting-edge technologies such as actuated prosthetics and exoskeletons. More recently, several companies have started experimenting with co-bots, robots which use elasticity to guarantee safe interaction with their human co-workers. One thing is certain: elastic actuation is slowly entering our everyday life, and interest in this field will continue to grow in the coming years. Still, there are many challenges to be overcome, such as limited power-to-weight ratio, lifetime issues and fault sensitivity.